Give Thanks Here

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And although it’s not a religious holiday it calls everyone to the table to “give thanks”. It is like a Post-it note to America to remember to stop and say thank you. It invokes gratitude, and traditionally takes place around a table, which is very … Read More

Fear or Fantasy

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When I am not homeschooling two of my kids you can find me working at a pre-school in Ketchum, Idaho! One day a group of kids were sitting around a table working on a project when I noticed that one of them was looking lazily out the window with his … Read More

Feeding Your Soul

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For many people this time of year is about food. It’s about comfort food, special holiday dinners, parties, and leftovers. Schools even groom children for this by talking about and hosting “feasts” before Thanksgiving. The grocery store aisles are lined with bread crumbs and pie fillings that are not usually … Read More