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When Hollyn and I tell people that we are starting a new ministry in the Wood River Valley we often get two questions: “Do you have a building?” and “What time is your Sunday morning service?” People are often shocked to learn that we don’t have either. Headwaters will have a different approach to sharing God’s love and we can’t wait to get started!

Why no building? 

When Jesus walked on this earth most of his significant ministry happened outside of religious buildings. He met people at weddings, on hillsides, in homes, and on the road. He came to serve, offering compassion, justice, and healing to so many! We want to follow his lead! We see a ministry that goes and meets people where they are, rather than waiting for them to come to us. We want the resources that we would have spent on our facility to go toward serving our community and world. When we gather together we will do so in homes, restaurants, parks, and other public spaces.

Why no Sunday morning service?

We want Headwaters to be a community that serves together, grows together, and supports one another. We want everyone to participate and contribute. We believe that smaller groups are the best way to make these things happen, so the initial stages of our ministry will focus on building “Restore Groups.” We are not opposed to Sunday morning services (we attend them all of the time), but we do not want the majority of our resources going to a one hour event where most people serve as spectators. Our monthly “Community Gatherings” will provide a time for us all to gather, eat, worship, and hear from God’s word. These gatherings will happen in the evenings, because the abundance of activities in the Wood River Valley make Sunday mornings a hard time to gather with those who are not accustomed to coming to church.

We hope you’ll join us when we launch the ministry in January!

3 Comments on “Different By Design”

  1. So inspiring you guys! Praying He will lead you to grow and help others grow closer to Him. So cool. Blessings, Shae

  2. So excited for this ministry opportunity that you are starting, looking forward to being a part of it, even from a distance!

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